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Multi Agency Request Form

From 1st December 2022 Sandwell’s ‘New’ Multi- Agency Request Form (MARF) comes into force. This means that there will no longer be ‘referrals’ made to children’s social care, but a ‘request’ for services from children’s social care. This important distinction reflects the shared responsibilities that all agencies have to keep children safe even once a MARF has been submitted, i.e. the completion and submission of a MARF is not a handover to children’s social care, but instead is a request for statutory social work services to work with children and families as part of a continuum of support.

Agencies making a request for services from children’s social care must speak to the parents/carers about their concerns to obtain consent before submitting the MARF. From 1st December 2022, Sandwell Children’s Trust will only accept a MARF where consent has been obtained. There may be exceptional cases where this is not possible which are outlined in the 7-minutie briefing below.

When completing a MARF, it is important to ensure that the information provided is of sufficient high-quality in detailing the concerns for the child/children. Concerns need to be evidenced, along with a description about any early help, and/or multi-agency early help that has been provided, and an explanation of how the concerns meet the threshold for statutory social work intervention.

Click here to download a copy of the Multi Agency Request Form

For support to complete a MARF click here to see the MARF - 7-Minute Briefing

You may also need to use the Body Map Guidance

To support the introduction of the ‘New’ MARF Sandwell’s Multi Agency Threshold Guidance; Continuum of Help and Support has also been updated. It is important that this document is consulted before a MARF is submitted to ensure that the presenting concerns meet the threshold for statutory social work intervention and explore other options for intervention through Sandwell’s continuum of support.

Non Emergency

If you believe that a child is at risk of significant harm but they are not in immediate danger you must complete a Multi Agency Request Form (MARF) as soon as possible and within a maximum of 24 hours.

Please send your completed MARF via secure e-mail to: 


If a child is at immediate risk of significant harm please call 999 in the first instance for police and/or ambulance services and then contact Sandwell Children’s Trust on 0121 569 3100. You will then need to complete a MARF without delay.