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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

What is CSE?

CSE is a form of sexual abuse where children received something (accommodation, drugs, affection, gifts, money, drugs) in ‘exchange’ for sexual activity or perhaps for the financial or social/economic advantage of the offender. It is child abuse, involving the child being forced, coerced or intimidated; sexual activity with a child under 16 is unlawful in any case. Often the victim is groomed into believing the abuser cares for them, but children cannot consent to their own abuse. Perpetrator’s exploit through abuse of power, and many victims worry they won’t be believed. There are many different methods and approaches to sexually exploit children and young people, which can be undertaken by an individual, peers, groups and gangs, abuse can take place on and offline through the use of technology. Offences can include; rape, sexual assault, trafficking and child abduction
Protecting children from child sexual exploitation has been, and remains, a priority for our Safeguarding Children Board.  We know that child sexual exploitation can have a devastating impact on children and their families. We also know that to prevent it we need a workforce that is well trained, skilled and confident. Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board will ensure that professionals from all agencies are equipped to undertake this work and recognise, for example, the vulnerability of children who go missing from home, school or care settings.