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Significant Incident Reporting

SCR Significant Incident Notification Process and SCSP Incident reporting form

All completed forms to be sent to:


  • Sandwell Children’s Safeguarding Partnership (SCSP) have a responsibility to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of children and young people within the context of the services they provide.  Significant Safeguarding Incidents, when they do occur, can cause pain and suffering to those directly involved, have the potential to generate media interest and undermine public confidence in the system.
  • It is therefore essential that SCSP has in place an established system for dealing with Significant Safeguarding Incidents.
  • The aim of this guidance is to support the learning and improvement framework by clarifying the way in which partner organisations can bring Significant Safeguarding Incidents to the attention of SCSP, and outlines the investigative process including any potential review.
  • It is hoped that this guidance will enable SCSP to develop an overview of Significant Safeguarding Incidents in order to highlight deficiencies in provision that might not be obvious if incidents are considered in isolation.  It also affords an opportunity to identify effective practice.  Through this guidance, the SCSP aims to ensure that there is a rigorous system of scrutiny in place at local level.  Common themes and emerging trends identified by examining all Significant Safeguarding incidents can be used to inform future policy development, the quality and practice audit schedule and learning and development program

Framework for the Reporting of a Significant Safeguarding Incident to SCSP
draft process

Download the full process document here.
Download a copy of the incident reporting form click here