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In June 2018, the SSCB Independent Chair sort approval from the Chief Executive of the SMBC to commence transition planning for the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. Sandwell Children’s Trust appointed an Independent Consultant to lead a project on the transition from SSCB to the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements (MASA).  Partners from Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Children’s Trust, West Midlands Police and Clinical Commission Group came together to form a steering group to oversee the Project (the MASA Stakeholders).  The project plan implementation was supported by Officers of the SSCB Business Office and agency representatives across the SSCB. The key issues for the transition from LSCB to MASA are summarised below:


Key Issue


  Summary of Discussion
Agreeing a shared vision Agreement was reached for a Shared vision values that will underpin the masa moving forward
The model for the new arrangements The SSCB were consulted with on the proposed structure for the new arrangements.

The MASA Stakeholder Group agreed the final structure. The model is a much smaller strategic partnership.  The structure retains a number of sub-groups to carry out its functions.  The sub-groups have been subject to revision and development to enhance the scope of their responsibilities.

Timeframes for transition to new arrangements There were a number of imperatives that influenced the timeliness of this transition.   Sandwell have agreed to publish its arrangements end of January 2019 with a view to the new partnership arrangement being implemented by 1st April 2019
Staffing The SSCB business office team has recently been subject to review. Agreement was reached for additional administration and quality assurance officer.  The role of CDOP Coordinator is currently hosted within the new MASA this will be subject to change in the new business year.

The role of the Business manager, quality assurance officer and learning and development officer will all be retained under the new arrangements

Independent Scrutiny Will be incorporated within the responsibilities and core function of the Independent Chair


This Constitution sets out the multi-agency safeguarding arrangements for the Sandwell Children’s Safeguarding Partnership. The document promotes the interdependence of organisations and agencies including the VCS in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and their families. The MASA details how the Sandwell Children’s Safeguarding Partnership will operate, what powers and functions it holds, its sub-structure, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure that it operates efficiently, effectively and is both transparent and accountable.

Please click here for the full MASA document.