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Audit Schedule


SCSP Annual Audit Calendar – 2019-2020
 Date 1st May 2019 3rd July 2019 2nd October 2019 14th January 2020
Chair Nisha Gupta (Sandwell Children’s Trust)     Sarah Farmer (Public Health)
Audit Focus ·           Pre-Birth Assessment ·      Children Living with Mental Health Issues ·           Exploitation ·      Neglect
Case Sample Targeted Services and Children’s Social Care (mix of TAF, CIN, CP and NFA) From Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) CSE Cases and Missing Cases (provided by CSE Co-Ordinator) Children’s Social Care (mix of CIN, CP, LAC)
Rationale To identify is pre-birth assessments are being routinely and correctly used. To assess the outcomes from pre-birth assessments. Preparation for possible JTAI, as this is one of the themes that has been highlighted as an upcoming theme Re-audit (from November 2018)


SCSP is to be assured that there is evident to consistently demonstrate that children and young people are effectively safeguarding from risks. Particular areas of work to target improvement include:


a)      Exploitation (CSE, Missing Children, Modern Slavery, Gangs, Domestic Violence

b)      Neglect

Re-audit (from February 2019)


Identify if there has been improvement in agencies responses to Neglect since the introduction of the Graded Care Profile in April 2019.


SCAP Priority 5 (see previous)