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Working with families

The Working Together with Families Programme is a 22 week intensive support package for families where neglect is a concern.  It is delivered across the whole of Sandwell by the Children Centre’s based in each town.  The criteria currently is that families should not have been involved with statutory services previously and we ask that the GCP2 is completed as part of the referral even if it is just the section that you have concerns around.  If you are not trained to use the GCP2 or would like some support to complete the tool please contact us and we will be happy to support you with this as part of the referral process.

Please click on the link for Murray Hall referral form and leaflet

Murray Hall contact details

Stacey Taylor – Rowley & Tipton Children’s Centre Co-ordinator

Telephone: 0121 559 9916 or 0121 522 5150

Please click on the link for Action for children referral form and leaflet

Action for Children contact details

Kayte Cronin – Working Together with Families Coordinator

Telephone: 0121 5885431 or 07753689930