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What Happens Next?

The local authority (Sandwell Children’s Trust) must take all reports (or Referrals) seriously.
This summarises the procedures that will be followed.

Stage 1 – Initial Assessment

All Referrals will be considered by a Social Worker in Children’s Services, and an Initial Assessment may be conducted.
It may be necessary to take immediate action to protect a child, in the extreme, this can result in children being temporarily cared for by a Foster Carer.
See the SCSP Procedure re Initial Assessments.

Stage 2 – Strategy Discussion

If it appears that there is actual or likely Significant Harm, a Strategy Discussion will be conducted to decide whether a Child Protection Enquiry is necessary.
See the SCSP Procedure re Strategy Discussions.

Stage 3 – Child Protection Enquiry

If a Child Protection Enquiry is started, this will involve a Social Worker and the Police assessing the concerns or allegations, the Child(ren) and Parents will be involved in this process.
See the SCSP Procedure re Child Protection Enquiries.

Stage 4: Initial Child Protection Conference

At the end of the Child Protection Enquiry, an Initial Child Protection Conference will be conducted, chaired by an Independent Manager.
See the SCSP Procedure re Initial Child Protection Conference.

You have rights too…

You should be provided with information about what is happening, and given the chance to have your say and ask questions. Your Children, if they are old enough and capable of understanding, should also be informed and involved.

Only in exceptional circumstances should this right be withdrawn e.g. where involving you might increase the risk of harm to your child.
If you feel you haven’t been properly informed or involved, seek advice from a Solicitor, Sandwell Citizens Advice Bureau or you can make a Complaint;

Sandwell Citizens Advice Bureau
District Office
22 Lombard Street
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 8RT
Tel: 0121 552 2022