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Briefings and Newsletters

On this page you will find all of the latest briefings and newsletters from SCSP and across the partnership.

Check back regularly for the latest updates.


Working Together 2023 chapter 2 briefing_Page_1

Working Together 2023 – Chapter 2

This briefing covers Multi-Agency Safeguarding Arrangements.

Working Together Chapter 2

Working Together 2023- Chapter 1; A shared responsibility

This briefing offers a more detailed look at the changes and expectations for all organisations and professionals outlined in chapter 1 of Working Together 2023.

This includes; what children and young people need from those working with them, principles for working with parents and carers, the expectations for multi-agency working, and effective information sharing

Working Together 2023; A Shared Responsibility

This briefing gives a broad overview of the changes in working together.

Working Together 2023 briefing


This paper explores current practice and evidence base relating to working with fathers/male carers to reduce non-accidental injury (NAI) in infants under 1 year old.

Working with male carers to reduce non-accidental injury to infants under 1

under 1 na injuries
adultificatoin pic

Adultification briefing

Adultification Briefing

The ICON Programme is a preventative programme, based around helping parents cope with a crying baby. The word ‘ICON’ represents the following message:

IInfant crying is normal

C Comforting methods can sometimes soothe the baby

O –It’s OK to walk away

N –Never, ever shake a baby


This briefing tells you about the ICON messages and why it is so important!

ICON 7 minute briefing
icon brief pic

On behalf of the Sandwell Learning from Practice Reviews subgroup, these briefings are being shared following two Spotlight Review referrals. These were regarding children who were exposed to harm and where multi agency learning was identified. The briefings focus on two key themes: working with families who speak English as an additional language/who do not speak English, and working with children who have parents with mental health issues.

In the Black Country we have sadly heard local cases in the Child Death Overview Panel that have involved a child known to have Epilepsy, therefore the below briefing has been created and is being shared with all professionals in order to support children and young people with Epilepsy.