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Private Fostering

Private fostering – what do you need to know?

Private fostering might not be what you think it is. Private fostering occurs when a child or young person aged 0‑16 (or 18 if they have a disability) is cared for and provided with accommodation for 28 days or more by an adult who is not a relative, by private arrangement between the parent and carer.
A relative is a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt. They could be a full or half relation and could be related by marriage. The term also includes a step‑parent. A cohabitee of the mother or father would not qualify as a relative, neither would extended family such as a great aunt, great uncle or parent’s cousins.
If you are unsure whether an arrangement constitutes private fostering, please contact the Designated Manager for Private Fostering, allison_ who can advise you; for contact details and more information visit the Private Fostering webpage of the council website, where you can download their new information leaflet.