Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Evaluation is about assessing the quality of work that we do to safeguard children and understanding the impact of this work in terms of its effectiveness in helping to keep children and young people safe.  Effective quality assurance is a continuous learning cycle to bring about effective learning, sustained changes in practices and improved outcomes for children and families.

Audit Programme
The SSCB Quality of Practice & Performance (QPP) subgroup devises an annual programme of audits that seek to assure quality in key areas of safeguarding activity based on the SSCB priority areas (please see the SSCB Business Plan for further information about priority areas).  The SSCB subgroups may be asked to suggest and support audits in the same way as the QPP subgroup.  The topics will be selected by issues/questions raised by an inspection/review processes, Serious Case Reviews/Case reviews, Learning and Improvement framework, SSCB priorities etc.

The subgroup has a fixed core membership drawn from organisations represented on the SSCB with flexibility to co-opt other relevant professionals when necessary.