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Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB) Form

The purpose of the Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB) Form, also referred to as the West Midlands Police Information Report, is to inform the police of any intelligence that has been gathered during day to day working.  The document is linked to several strands including CSE; Child Abuse; Female Genital Mutilation; Forced Marriage; Honour Based Violence; Prostitution; Modern Day Slavery; Domestic Abuse; Rape and Serious Sexual Offences.  The FIB is quick and easy to complete and any information, however small, will help in intelligence gathering.  There is written guidance within the form.  Please ensure that any information you send is sent via secure email to:
Good FIB Forms:

  • Are short and to the point (use bullet points if easier)
  • Provide facts
  • Use correct spellings of names with a date of birth for all individuals mentioned
  • Do not use initials (assuming that the police know who is being referred to)
  • Do not duplicate information (especially if the information has been reported as a crime to the police)
  • Relate to one person only (unless the persons are connected) so that information for individuals is not mixed up i.e. Sam JONES 01/01/2000 has a new mobile number 12345 6789456. John SMITH 01/01/1950 has a new Facebook account

Good Examples:

  • Joe BLOGGS DOB 01/01/1990 of 123 High Street, West Bromwich has a new mobile number 07123 456789
  • Joe BLOGGS DOB 01/01/1990 has a new address 987 Low Street, West Bromwich
  • Joe BLOGGS DOB 01/01/1990 is spending all his time with CSE victim Sam JONES 01/01/2000
  • Sam JONES 01/01/2000 is being driven around by Joe BLOGGS 01/01/1990 in a silver car VRM: AB12 ABC
  • Sam JONES 01/01/2000 has a new Facebook account, URL

Bad Examples:

  • They have also disclosed that a family member (unknown who’s family member) was raped by one of the males in the shop – no nominal names, no crimes, nothing that the police can look into
  • Sam JONES 01/01/2000 has a Facebook account and she are friends with: male 1, male 2, male 3. This provides no intelligence, we don’t have any DOB and unless there is any concern with the males we may not need to know this information at this moment in time.
  • He is on a Tag and she thinks it’s for stealing car wheels. – nothing to do with CSE
  • CSE VICTIM 1 disclosed perpetrating historical abuse against her younger sibling. She stated that this was the reason she had been missing….has this been reported previously to the police? If so make this clear if not this needs to be reported via the correct means