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Neglect Training Offer

Graded Care Profile (GCP2)

Neglect is a priority for Sandwell Children’s Safeguarding Partnership. It has been identified as a feature in national & local SCRs, local learning reviews and multi-agency audits. Neglect may be a factor or a direct cause of death or severe injury in children and young people, and it has been identified as a prevailing or risk factor when there is hidden harm relating to physical and sexual abuse. There is an association between neglect and damage to the child’s lived experience and their physical and emotional wellbeing. It is important that professionals/practitioners understand that neglect is a safeguarding issue as every child has the right to develop healthily, and to do this their basic needs must be met.

GCP2 supports practitioners in measuring the quality of care delivered to an individual child from a carer/s over a short window of time and is designed to give a representative overview of the current level of care.

The grades are based on observations of the ‘here and now’ and good quality evidence gathering. The GCP2 reviews “what it is like” for the child not “why it’s happening”. The lived experience of the child. Parental issues are taken into account during the analysis and planning stage.

The quality of care is ‘graded’ on a scale of 1 (best) to 5 (worst). The GCP2 separates out different areas of parenting and the needs of the child: physical, such as quality of food, clothes and health, care of safety, safety in carers presence and when carer is absent, emotional care, such as the relationship between the carer and child and developmental care, such as if a child is encouraged to learn and if they are praised for doing something good. These areas are based on Maslow’s principals.

  • It can be used where neglect is suspected.
  • It’s a consistent approach to neglect.
  • The tool can be used for children of any age.
  • Will assist practitioners in undertaking a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of families when neglect is known or suspected.
  • GCP2 can only be used by trained professionals – please contact for more information.

SCSP recognises that we need to understand neglect, work in partnership consistently to improve how childhood neglect is recognised and intervention are delivered effectively.

For further information, download the GCP2 Info-graphic Poster

A prerequsite of attendng GCP2 training is completing the Neglect Awareness eLearning module.

To book a place on GCP2 training, visit the Sandwell Training platform.

Please review the Sandwell CSP GCP2 Tool for more information on GCP2 in practice.

Please email for further information